Academic Background and Employment History
1961 - 1968 Hinchley Wood School, Surrey
1968 - 1971 University of Bristol. BSc lst Class Hons in Physics. 
1971 - 1975 Research in Radio Astronomy, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. PhD awarded for thesis entitled "Studies of Extragalactic Radio Sources and Related Astrometric Topics". 
1975 - 1977 Science Research Council Research Fellow, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Continued investigations into the structure and evolution of extragalactic radio sources.
1977 Joined Standard Telecommunication Laboratories (STL), the STC UK R&D laboratory for ITT.
1977 - 1984 Progressively Research Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Principal Research Engineer and finally (1983) Senior Principal Research Engineer. Personally researching and leading project teams working on the theory and design of Global Positioning System (Navstar GPS) user equipment, and mathematical modelling and analysis of Communication, Navigation and Radar systems. Particular specialisation in Adaptive Antenna algorithms and implementations. 
1984 - 1986 Department Manager with responsibility for work on Adaptive Antenna systems. Additional personal specialisation in the use of Systolic Arrays for high throughput front-end Radio Signal Processing.
1986 -1987 Chief Research Fellow, with continuing responsibility for an enlarged department addressing Adaptive Antenna systems, Digital Signal Processing algorithms and implementations, and Sensor Signal Processing systems.
1987 - 1990 Manager Technical Strategy, Defence Systems. Key responsibilities included liaising with the STC units interested in Defence and related business, the development of a strategy relating to the acquisition of new technologies within STL in support of future products, advising the Director of the potential impact of changes in technology and assisting in determining the technical objectives of the Division. Additionally directly responsible for teams working on a Very High Performance Integrated Circuit (VHPIC) systolic node chip under a VAD (VHPIC Applications Demonstrator) collaborative programme, and Radar signal processing projects.
1990 -1992 Assistant Director, Defence Systems. Responsible to the Director for approximately one half of the Division covering the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Sensor Signal Processing, Adaptive Antennas, Radar, and Communications Networks.
1992  Director, Government and External Programmes. This appointment followed the acquisition of STC by Northern Telecom (Nortel) and the incorporation of STL as part of BNR Europe Limited. Responsible to the Managing Director of the Advanced Technology Centre for a Programme Unit charged with developing Radio and related technology through research projects, the majority of which were obtained by tenders to external organisations.

Director, Radio and High Integrity Communications following the enlargement of the Programme Unit to include additional responsibility for an Antenna Department, and a shift in emphasis to undertaking a greater proportion of projects directly for Nortel.

1994 -1995

Director, Next Generation Architecture. Responsible for setting up a new Programme Unit to establish a vision for the future globally applicable public communications architecture, and instigating enabling product developments. The work undertaken led to Nortel's Voice over Packet portfolio.

1995 -1998 Director, Next Generation Products, Advanced Technology Centre (part of Nortel Technology with effect from 1 January 1996). This appointment followed the amalgamation of the former Next Generation Architecture, Cable TV Products and Interactive Broadband Programme Units. The activities within the Programme Unit spanned four key areas: development of Voice over Packet technology and an associated Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Platform; Service and Technology evolution related to access; development of a distributed software platform (Real-time Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)); support to Nortel in European standards and regulatory issues.
1998 -1999 Director, Next Generation Network Technology, Advanced Technology Centre, Harlow Laboratories. Responsible for programme areas addressing Carrier Network Evolution, Broadband Satellite Networking, Broadband Wireline Access, and IP Networks and Services.
1999 - 2000 Director, Next Generation Networks, Advanced Technology Centre, Harlow Laboratories. Responsible for development work in Harlow in support of Nortel's Voice over Packet product line resulting from the concepts and technologies pioneered and derisked by the Next Generation Architecture and Product programmes, together with the direction of an Advanced Technology Programme supporting Carrier Network Evolution and Broadband Satellite Networking.
2000 - 2006 Chief Scientist, Nortel, Europe Middle East and Africa. Responsible for raising the technical profile and advancing the business interests of Nortel in the region, providing a link between the company and industry forums, public research and educational institutions, and governments. Other responsibilities included being the spokesperson for Nortel's vision of future Networks and the key technologies that will enable them, coordinating European Regulatory positioning, and providing assessments of the capabilities and technologies of external companies.
2006 - 2008 Independent consultant providing advice and guidance in respect of Technology; Regulatory, Research & Development (R&D) and Business matters relating to electronic communications.
2008 - 2011 Chief Executive Officer and Network Director, Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network. Charged with setting up and running a not-for-profit company established by an industry-led group of stakeholders, and operating as part of the Technology Strategy Board portfolio of Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs), with the objective of delivering improved industrial performance through innovation and collaboration, and of facilitating knowledge transfer between the supply and demand sides of digital communications
2011 - 2014 Chief Executive Officer and Network Director, ICT KTN. Charged with bringing together the activities of the previous Digital Communications and Digital Systems KTNs.
2014 Self employed consultant engaged as the Executive Director of the ICT KTN Company that previously hosted KTN activity on behalf of the Technology Strategy Board, undertaking the financial and reporting actions necessary for a solvent liquidation. Organised a final meeting of its Board and a General Meeting of its Members to vote on the resolutions necessary for a voluntary winding-up, and to enable the Company's financial reserves to be passed to techUK so that elements of the KTN's work could be continued as part of a Future Technologies Network.
2017 - Owner 405 Consulting Ltd
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