Arcade Post Features 2
Carpenters marks high up
Carpenters' Marks
Shoring notch on post
Shoring Notch
(scotch) cut to house a temporary prop to support the arcade post prior to periodic shortening of the post base.
Arcade post drawing
Jowled or thickened post top to accommodate three joints - to the arcade plate, the tie beam & the principal rafter Thickening at top of post
Hammered Over Iron Nails*
The chemical reaction between the iron and the oak tannin makes the extraction of nails difficult
Nails hammered over
Datum Mark
- to indicate the best face. Made by the carpenters when preparing the timber post.
Datum marks indicate best side
Black Scorch Marks
Made by the flames of spigot candles. The holes under the scorch marks were made by the candle holder.
Scorching from spigot flame
Post Shortening
caused by successive rotting of the post on porous foundations. Periodic replacement sill pads or beams inserted.
Support pillar at base of post
*Iron nails at this time would have been hand made by the blacksmith and each one slightly different. The nails would only be only be used to 'fix' a brace to the arcade post and would be a long term measure. The notches with nails remaining today are the result of the braces being recently removed. The blank shoring notches (i.e. without nails or nail holes) housed temporary props whilst the post base was being shortened.