Side Aisles

Reconfiguration of the Support Bracing in the Side Aisles

Both side aisles have undergone remodelling during the life of the barn due to necessary repair, reinforcement or restoration. There is tangible evidence of at least three stages of construction - the original mid 16th century configuration, a post 1700 reinforcement and the latest 1995/6 restoration.

Figure i - The original mid 16th century design used curved rear shore bracing from the arcade post to the aisle tie. The braces and wall ties are attached to the arcade post with pegged mortice and tenon joints.

Curved rear shore brace Original aisle design Redundant mortice for the curved rear shore brace redundant mortice

Figure ii - After c. 1700 reinforcement timbers were added to the aisle tie beams. These were attached to the arcade post with nailed dovetail joints and then, together with a post to wall base diagonal braces, fastened with forelock bolts to the existing tie beams.

Post 1700 reinforcement aisle tie beam

- With additional diagonal brace

- Secured with a forelock bolt

- Dovetail joint at the arcade post
Evidence of a diagonal brace previously secured with a forelock bolt Evidence of a diagonal brace
Nailed Dovetail joint at the arcade post Nailed dovetail joint

Figure iii - During the recent restoration, engineers have added supplementary steel bracing to preserve the structural integrity of the aisles.

Steel bracing between wall tie and ground sill