Forelock Bolts

There is evidence that forelock bolts were used throughout the barn to reinforce the aisle timbers. Wrought iron bolts with split wedges secured the additional diagonal braces. The original construction used squared section pegs located in round holes. Around the year 1700 threaded iron bolts with nuts superseded forelock bolts.

The following pictures show a Forelock bolt head and a Forelock bolt wedge tail.

head of forelock bolt tail of forelock bolt

Joint Detail on Arcade Post 7 on the East side of the Barn

This Section shows a series of modifications which were performed over the centuries to strengthen the aisle configuration.

The post has been modified on multiple occasions
Arcade post 7 east.

Redundant notch for a missing diagonal brace to the ground sill.

Dimensions of the Forelock Bolt (left in place when the diagonal brace was removed)
- Length of bolt = 12"
- Width of bolt = �"
- Width of bolt head = 1�"
- Length of split wedge tail = 3�"

Post 1700 reinforcement aisle tie beam.

Redundant mortice for the missing mid 16th Century aisle tie.

New oak frame for the midstrey room.