I gratefully acknowledge the personal advice and support from colleagues in researching aspects of the St. Barnabas Centre barn, Thorley, Bishop's Stortford.
Bob (R.W.) Stroud
- a colleague who has patiently assisted with the first-hand investigation of the barn and whose eye for detail has eliminated many mistakes!

Adrian (A.V.B.) Gibson M.B.E.
- for awakening my interest in timber framed building architecture and encouraging me to pursue all aspects of this single study of a unique timber framed building.

Anne Padfield
- for casting her experienced eye over the timbers of the barn and pointing out features that required further investigation and then proof reading the barn architecture text.

Peter Cooper
- for many of the colour photographs of details of features in the barn.

Andy Moir (Tree-Ring Services)
- for his advice and photographs.

The Editor - Church Building Magazine
- for permission to include the article written in Church Building Magazine, September - October 1996

and finally, sincere thanks to
Don Reid
- whose idea it was to commit my researches to a website and who was most patient and understanding in the reorganisation of the original material in order to make it fit for publication.

Philip Hargrave
- for revising the website.
I should appreciate any information that would further my researches into the St. Barnabas Centre barn at Thorley or any aspect of local history connected with the village of Thorley, Hertfordshire.

Bill Hardy